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Fattoria del Monticino Rosso is a family-run winery in the hills near Imola, just southeast of Bologna. Founded in 1961 by Antonio Zeoli, the original property, called "Olmo”, consisted of 13 hectares (30 acres). Through hard work and diligence, the Zeoli family, was able to expand by purchasing a second property of 24 hectares (60 acres) called "Monticino Rosso”. Today, the property consists of 37 hectares (90 acres), of which 14 (35 acres) are vineyard. The rest of the property consists mostly of orchards of various fruit. More vineyards are also in the planning, which will be planted at a much higher density with reduced production per vine.

Mr. Zeoli is now slowly handing the reins over to his sons Gianni and Luciano, who manage the property with a passion equal to that of their father. Gianni, the younger, is the cellar master, while Luciano handles the administrative end. For a few years now, there has been a project underway at Monticino Rosso to increase the quality of wine focusing on the characteristics of the soil and climate where the wine is born. This quest has been facilitated by the location of the property, which allows for hillside cultivation of indigenous varietals like the Albana di Romagna (Italy’s first DOCG white), Pignoletto and Sangiovese di Romagna. In 2000 another important part of this project involved moving the winery from Olmo to a new building at the Monticino Rosso farm, capable of housing the most up-to-date equipment, yet aesthetically complementing the surrounding architecture.

At the center of all of this renovation is the expert guidance of Giancarlo Soverchia, one of the most significant winemakers of the Adriatic coast. Bringing in a star like Giancarlo does not make life in the farm any easier, though. Giancarlo Soverchia insists that quality winemaking can only be achieved through dedicated participation of the ownership, and not just financially. It is thus the involvement of the entire Zeoli family that is the greatest key to the success of the Fattoria Monticino Rosso.

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Fattoria Monticino Rosso Albana di Romagna 2011  750ml     
Fattoria Monticino Rosso is a family-owned winery  more
Sku: 1761330  
Reg. $12.99
On Sale $10.49
Fattoria Monticino Rosso Pignoletto d'Imola 2012  750ml     
Fattoria Monticino Rosso is a family-owned winery  more
Sku: 1830251  
Reg. $12.99
On Sale $10.49